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Re: Metric and English grids sizes.


Isaac Marino Bavaresco wrote:
Wayne Stambaugh escreveu:

I just wanted to get some feedback on the current grid setting design.
Does it make sense to have both the metric and English grid sizes show
up in the grid selection list? Does anyone want to snap to a 0.127mm or
a 0.254mm grid. I propose changing the grid list to only show the
metric grid sizes when millimeters are selected and English grid sizes
when inches are selected. The user grid will always be shown in the
current units. I already have it coded up and working and wanted to
make sure that there were no objections before I made the commit.

Also on a related note, someone changed the last grid setting in pcbnew
from the application settings to a project file setting. Is this really
where we want to save the last setting? It seems to me that this more
of an application setting than a project parameter. If no one objects I
will change it back to an application setting. This implementation also
saves the command ID of the grid instead of the actual grid size. It
will break any time someone inserts new commands into the global command
ID file before the grid command IDs. I just found that out the hard
way. If the consensus is to leave the last grid setting in the project
file, this will have to be fixed or it will cause problems in the future.


In my opinion, grid settings belong to the board. A board with only
through hole components is likely to use only imperial units, boards
with only modern SMD packages will use mostly metric, and others with
new and older SMD packages may need both.

If you switch from working on a board with only large PTH components to
a fine pitch SMD one, the grid used in one is likely not going to be
useful in the other.

Best regards,


If I am following this correctly, I get to pick from one of 3 places? App, project, or board?

Well I definitely don't think that an existing board file, when loaded again, should get its grid settings from an APP wide file. Board first, then project as second choice, make more sense to me.

For new boards I don't care, that happens less frequently, go ahead and find another solution for that. But if I set the grid for a board, and am working on more than one board back and forth, it would be nice if the grid setting would come with the board, on the assumption that not all boards are as busy and I am not using the same grid on both boards. This has been my experience.


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