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Re: PCB VRML export


Here is the code for VRML export in PCBNEW

Some notes:
- The code is more or less a fork of the 3D viewer.
- Output units are internal units IIRC (i.e. decimils)
- No options at all to control the export :P
- Flipped packages (i.e. solder side mounted) are not implemented. It should be trivial to add the required rotation during module export. Finding theright rotation isn't (ordering of 3D rotation can be nasty)
- Packages are exported as 'inline' nodes using the 3d_shape attributes of the module. This means that to see them they should be 'accessible' to the loader (i.e. probably in the same dir)
- Loading was tested with blender only

As you can see there is a lot to work about (expecially on the options side). But for me it worked :P

Oh, by the way, my full name for about/changelog/credits is Lorenzo Marcantonio

Have fun!

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