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Re: PCB VRML export


> Are there other Public Domain mechanical design packages 
> that can import/export VRML?

Ehrm... there aren't a lot of p.d. mechanical design packages. Period :(

> The obvious usage would be to check the PCB for proper
> fit and clearance with the target enclosure.

Thats'exactly the reason for the export function... I loaded the vrml in blender then exported it in 3ds and stl for our mechanical designer.

More 'proper' formats to export to would be IGES and/or STEP but they're a)incredibly convoluted (and STEP documentation is not free IIRC) and b) I have no program who can load these.

For PCB fixturing the DXF plot is more useful, the edges and/or drawing layers can be used almost as they come out. For interference and clearance a 3D model is necessary when working with irregularly shaped enclosured; I actually had to move a big connector because there was a recess in the plasticmould one time!

IIRC orcad can do something using obstacles and 'height clearance'. An intermediate solution could be an export in DXF using a 'bounding box model' approach (a lot faster than the 'true model' insertion done by VRML).