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Re: Metric and English grids sizes.


--- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "viking632" <univind-kicad@...> wrote:
> Metric units will of course (still) be rounded if presented as mils or dmils, and imperial units will also be rounded if presented as mm, except if enough decimals are shown (four decimals is enough :-).
> This is no different from the present situation.

On the outside, no, it should be transparent EXCEPT that you'll see 5.000 instead of 4.999 (or sth similar). All to be gained for the user.

> So, decimicrometers (dum or du) or hectonanometers (hnm) is the best choice, but I guess a better name should be invented :-)

Uhmm the SI discourages powers of 10 not multiple of 3:P:P
I propose UHM as in Uhm how big is this? (joking of course:D)

> In case any Americans should complain about these "strange and alien metric units", it's about time they went metric anyway:

Read the papers about the unified PCB grid I referenced before, all new imperial dimensions in packages are meant to be rounded to the nearer 0.05mm anyway

> I dunno how difficult it would be to change the pcbnew internal unit, butas I have virtually zero knowledge of the code, it's probably better left to someone else :-)

> ... and what about eeschema, does it share any common code with pcbnew, and would eeschema also benefit from the same unit conversion ?

Eeschema already uses different units, it's mil based instead of decimils. There are some conversion factors around to compensate for this (not only one, sadly) so a deep review is needed to evaluate the impact.