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Re: [AUI Patch] [1 Attachment]


Marco Serantoni wrote:
I'm reproposing a patch to use AUI manager, this time without making it "undock" panels but just to make order between the objects. I've added also the AUI toolbar instead wxToolbar due an issue under mac that doesnt' make possible to see menus in toolbars.

If there are questions, i'm here


I will commit this patch if you do 3 things, two in the topmost

CMakeList.txt file, and one in the CMakeModules/config.h.cmake file:

1) Add the test for aui in the find wxWidgets macro.

2) Provide a mechanism to allow the user to select the KICAD_AUIMANAGER setting, either 0 or 1. 3) add KICAD_AUIMANAGER setting to CMakeModules/config.h.cmake which is rewritten by CMake after user picks the choice you provided in 2) above.

And please regenerate your patch against the latest SVN head at that time.



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