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Re: Dialog Layers Setup again


Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
Isaac Marino Bavaresco wrote:
Dear Dick,

Here goes the patch again. I hope I did not forget to solve any point
you cited.

I dived deeper in the "encapsulation" and made some other changes.

Best regards,



How good is your understanding of the concept of inheritance as used by wxformbuilder?

I am not confident it is where it needs to be.

There should be two *.cpp files for every *.fbp file.

One is the one that wxformbuilder generates, the other is a class derived from that which is where your changes go. We never edit the *.cpp file which is output form wxformbuilder, no exceptions, ever.

I did not see two *.cpp files from you on the new dialog work.


Also, I see now that we broke this rule again when you edited dialog_general_options_BoardEditor_base.cpp to comment out the layer count support.

We'll have to fix that also by doing these changes in wxformbuilder which owns this *.cpp file.