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Re: Re: Launchpad: Mea maxima culpa


Igor Plyatov wrote:
Hello all!

Dick wrote:

Search for Igor's last posting on this mailing list, and you will understand why I felt we needed more help at the admin level, particularly on the development side of things (this additional help is still ramping up). Igor has done a great job on the documentation side of things and initial website setup. But in his last posting he said he was not even using Kicad anymore. (Igor, correct me if I mis-state anything.)

I still continue to read the "kicad-devel" and "kicad-svnnotify" mail
But I do not try to read all messages. Only 70% of messages interesting
for me I read.
Sometimes, I remove a spam from the KiCad wiki and russian forum, try to
look at new versions from SVN.

The problem is - previously, I must use Altium Designer (Protel), but my
new job require to use Orcad. Unfortunately there is no time for me to
use KiCad in a production.

I just want to write some notes for impatient peoples:
Too many projects lose their fans and members, when change the web or
mail hosting. The 99.9% of such relocations was not successful because
of big and small problems in a relocation/migration process and loss of
enthusiasm from peoples who enforce to make such relocations and give up
to make this on 100% with good quality.

Big amount of abandoned, not structured and bad quality web-sites,
dedicated to some projects, give very bad impression about such projects
to the new potential users/developers. Such a sites disperse forces and
make an intricacy.

People, please be very careful with changes in the hosting and think
twice before to propose this!

Much better will be is to improve existing source code and wiki the jump

Best regards!
Igor Plyatov

We will certainly remain respectful of the investment you have made in the wiki. Unless somebody were to make a commitment to come up with something better, and not underestimate the amount of work when making said commitment (as you warn against), I see no reason to change the wiki's home.

But I am not happy with the other project management tools: bug tracking, enhancement tracking, source repository, patch Q, topic specific planning, and to a lesser extent the mailing list. And this directly affects the nature of the work that anybody who is fielding patches (like a catcher) will experience. We hope it is like a catcher, and not like an outfielder who has to run all over the field. And a distributed version control system should allow us to scale the project to more developers easier.

I don't expect any of this to cause a loss of fans nor members, if it is carefully planned out with sufficient commitment of volunteer effort. The opposite is expected.