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gcc warnings vs. gcc versions


Isaac is seeing compiler warnings that I am not seeing. He is using gcc 
3.4 and I am using gcc 4.3.3

Most of these are demotions of double down to int, which it seems with 
the -Wall flag that we are using, should be showing up as a warning, but 
in recent compiler versions these are not warnings.

I am alarmed about this.

For example:

int numerator = 2;

int result = numerator/ 1.45;

This should give a warning in my opinion, but on newer compilers it is 
not. Anybody know what is happening? I am afraid this is causing 
latent warning creep into our code that may eventually resurface when 
this gets straightened out in gcc.

Attached is Isaac's warning list.

Anybody following g++ to this extent?

He has offered to go through everything and add the casts to clean up 
his warnings, but again, these are warnings that new compilers are not 
generating. Fortunately there are not a lot of lines yet.



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