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Re: Confirmed netlist regression -- broken in r 2016


--- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Dick Hollenbeck <dick@...> wrote:
> Patrick wrote:
> > Confirmed working in subversion r 2015, broken by changes made in r 2016. Judging by comments, will probably be changes made to GetPin/GetNextPinlogic.
> >   
> Thanks for your time on this, nice work Patrick.

Thank *you* and JP and Wayne for driving this software forward. Although I'm not ready to sign up to be the #1 regression tester, with a simple problem description like this and a fast computer I will sometimes have the timeto do a binary search in the background, or as I call it "The price is right!"

> BTW I too live near Austin Texas.
> Dick

Yeah, I noticed that your company was near here when you posted something about a board you were working on. Was it Marble Falls? It's pretty out there. Hope you guys are finally getting enough rain, too.