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Re: Re: New poll for kicad-devel


Patrick wrote:
I was unimpressed with what Google are offering, enough so to say we should not even consider it, we have better options.

I spent time there, and at launchpad, and looking at trac.


That's fine; I was just confused that Google showed up in one poll question and not in the other one. I haven't looked at lauchpad but can well believe that they treat code maintenance as more of a core technology than Google does (or at least than what Google exposes to the public). Although Google and Canonical both use and contribute heavily to open source, Google's cash cow, in theory, doesn't require them to support open source, while Canonical is trying to compete head-on with Red Hat, and to do that they have to treat open source as their lifeblood.


Yeah, the google question mis-placed, should have gone on the same page as launchpad. But I think it is uninteresting.


When you get around to looking at launchpad, please find this:



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