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Gathering ideas of library and module improvement.


Hello all members of kicad-devel group,

My name is Tony. I'm new to this devel group.But I have been using kicad for months. As a user, I found out that the weakest point of kicad is its library and module (in term of quality, not quantity). I think we need to define some guildline for library/module creator (just like coding style in C++). I have searched the messages in group and found this discussion is very interesting and just exactly what i want.


Unfortunately, only the discussion took place, no further actions. I don't know if this idea is bad or there is no developers to handle this. I would like to help improving it. Before start, i'd like to collect ideas from kicad-devel members. This would point me to the right direction.

any suggestion would help. :)


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