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Re: First patch for --plot in eeschema


> Plot files from a command file is a *very* complex problem in some
> cases, mainly in complex hierarchies.
> Currently, this is possible only for the root sheet.
> When loading others sheets, the eeschema configuration and the project
> library cache cannot be loaded because sub hierarchy files do not store
> the root file name (i.e. the project name)
> (the default config kicad.pro) file will be loaded
> (so some libraries coud be not loaded and some component could be not found)
> (This could be easily fixed by adding this info in all files)
> Note : currently the schematic files store the list of libraries, but do
> not really use this info (but do not store specific libraries paths).
> But the main problem is when using complex hierarchies: in this case, a
> given file is used more than once in shematic.
> The component reference depends on the sheet is opened in schematic, and
> this file handles more than one reference by component.
> The way to reach a given instance of the shared sheet can be seen like a
> path.
> In this case we only load the full hierarchy and plot all sheets (they
> are more than files).
> If loading the shared file, more than one plot must be created (as many
> plot as existing paths)
> So to be able to plot schematic files from a command line could be an
> important work that also involves some (but minor) modifications in
> files formats.
> --
> Jean-Pierre CHARRAS
> Maître de conférences
> Directeur d'études 2ieme année.
> Génie Electrique et Informatique Industrielle 2
> Institut Universitaire de Technologie 1 de Grenoble
> BP 67, 38402 St Martin d'Heres Cedex

First thank you for the answer.
I have more questions about that :
- I understand (or almost undertand) that is quite complicated to get
all the sheets to plot from a subhierarchy eeschema file. But I don't
really see the difference between the command line and directly in the
interface. If I try to open a subhierarchy files, I have the same
problem. For me, it is another functionality. Did I miss something?
- Do you have an example of complex hierarchies? (especially one file
more than one time) I tried to look at demos directory but did not
find one.
- I was trying to find an "easy" development to start contribution to
kicad, but looks like I got a bad one. Do you think I should continue
on it, or maybe you have another idea? I had a look at feature request
but they all looks quite complicated to start with.


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