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Re: About a new kicad release.


jean-pierre.charras@... wrote:
I am thinking about a new stable release of Kicad for the beginning (first quarter) of 2010, after I updated the documentation to include the new Netclasses and layers setup info.
and also to have a decent delay to translate the GUI.

Dick, or Isaac, what is the status of the new dialog layers setup ?
Currently we have 2 versions.
dialog_layers_setup.cpp (and dialog_layers_setup_base.cpp) works fine but have 2 minor problems
- dialog is not resizable (very minor pb).
- dialog does not show translated sentences (due to use of static strings, that cannot be translated because the constructor is called before the locale is kown) , more annoying.
Also dialog_layers_setup2.cpp seems not finished.
Thanks for an info about this.


I have assumed responsibility for the work. According to Isaac he was finding it difficult to a) find time and to a lesser extent b) get his work accepted by me.

Well "first quarter" is a rather large window of time. The layer setup dialog is only a small part of what this vision entailed. (Layer selection and visibility widget is part of it also.) I'll see if I can push this forward during some of the weekends in December. I am confident I can get it done within your time window, even if that means pushing it out into January.

Most importantly, please know that I am committed to it, and you should start seeing progress again soon.