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Re: About a new kicad release.


Wayne Stambaugh a écrit :

jean-pierre. charras@gipsa- lab.inpg. fr <mailto:jean-pierre.charras%40gipsa-lab.inpg.fr> wrote:
> I am thinking about a new stable release of Kicad for the beginning
> (first quarter) of 2010,
> after I updated the documentation to include the new Netclasses and
> layers setup info.
> and also to have a decent delay to translate the GUI.


Do you have a date in mind to freeze string changes to give the
translators time to complete their work? I still would like to replace
the last of the wxFormBuilder dialogs in EESchema before the next
release. There are also a lot of message box warning an error strings
that need some capitalization and grammar fixes. I fixed a lot of the
UI strings during my comment translation work so there shouldn't be too
many of those left. I'll try to finish up the dialog work by the end of
the year and I'll avoid any major code rework that I am planning until
after the release.


End of January could be a suitable date for the first release candidate.
This date give me the time to update the documentation and to test kicad (bug hunting).

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