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Re: UIpolicies.txt


I was thinking about a base dialog class that would be responsible
watching the control contents and automatically resizing the dialog when
they are changed. That would be tricky. A base dialog class that
provides the three function calls to resize the dialog and set the
minimum size would be trivial.

Yes, that's what I was talking about. But I no longer think it is necessary. These are just guidelines. I ran into a dialog last night where none of this works, due to wxWidgets bugs or whatever. So to do this automatically and unconditionally is not something I can support.

A far more useful benefit to the user is to remember the size and position of these dialogs on close, so it can come up with size he likes according to how he set it previously. This is what I have been coding recently and you can find it in DRC and Layer setup. The nice thing here is that for a dual monitor setup, the dialog can be told to come up on the second monitor, and with the size you last preferred.

As a low priority, the only to do item here is to maybe make the external function to do the Fix() and SetMinimum() sequence and put it into common.c, but this was your policy item, you can set its priority. I'm saying it is not a high priority for me.


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