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Re: PCB Layer Stackup UI


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> If we go this way, instead of committing to an unlimited number of 
> layers, lets limit it to some number <=255, that way we can hold your 
> layer numbers in a uint8_t byte array. Specctra DSN has a limit of 255 
> layers also. Maybe we could use bit 7 of the layer number as the 
> non-copper flag. This way we could handle 128 non copper layers and 127 
> copper layers.


FYI. stdint.h is not defined in MS VC++ so using uint8_t will not compile.wxUInt8 is defined in <wx/defs.h> so that may be a more portable solution. I haven't seen an equivalent in Boost either. I have seen a version of stdint.h for MS VC++ on the internet but I'm not sure of the quality or howportable it is between the different versions of VC++.


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> Dick

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