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Re: PCB Layer Stackup UI


--- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "jean-pierre.charras@..." <jean-pierre.charras@...> wrote:
> We also can use keywords instead of numbers like in Gencad format (see 
> export_gencad.cpp)
> layer identification use TOP, BOTTOM, INNER1, INNER2, SOLDERPASTE_TOP ...
> and no numbers.
> So use 0 for the first copper or the last or negative values for non 
> copper layers or disabled layers ... is just a coding design
> and does not appears in files.

If we speaking about perfect design, perfect layer ID should contain layer properties itself, that is, we may choose some function and its inverse, which compute ID from properties, like level (top/internal1...n/bottom), kind(conductor/graphic/mask/glue/plating...).
For example there's may be two-character(or two-word) code in file:
ct (top copper)
mt (top mask)
c1 (internal copper)
And bit-field coded integer in memory:
0x0101 (top copper)
0x0102 (bottom copper)
0x0201 (top mask)
0x0301 (top silk)...

I think we shouldn't pursue perfect (english) literateness, as we may lose simplicity and clearness.

> Also in a perfect world (well, or file format) the usual Y axis 
> orientation must be used, instead of the reverse Y screen orientation 
> (like now).

Axis direction (as many other things, like layer coding, internal unit) does not matter for machine anyway. Add radiobutton (Y up/Y down) in preferences which will change displayed coordinate sign if you like. :)