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Re: Re: Internal PCB Units?


gharlandau wrote:
> The current quantum unit within KiCad is an imperial distance. So in
> the event that it is changed, which I naturally think would be highly
> desirable, it would be a massive folly to not select a metric distance
> instead.

Seems that we're all on the same page then :-)

Pity that KiCad's quantum distance is relatively large. Otherwise,
one could get away with rounding.

Of course, no matter what you do, it's only a question of time until
you hit a perversion you still can't cleanly represent. E.g., if you
pick a 100 nm quantum, things like 507.8 mil or 182.9 mil raise
interesting questions about rounding. (This is a real-life example,
the WM3236AQ in [1]. Some of the dimensions suggest that the design
of that package was indeed done - at least partially - in mil.)

[1] http://people.openmoko.org/werner/gta02-core/gta02-core-modules.pdf

- Werner

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