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Re: where footprints come from (was Re: Re: Internal PCB Units?)


Lorenzo wrote:
> You also have to pay for the specifications (is a consortium thing)
> so I've no idea about the calculations behind this...

Ah, you're raising a good point. I didn't go back far enough. Indeed,
there are considerations about characteristics of the part, the board,
and also the assembly process that all influence the footprint.

That's basically the design of the footprint. To the extent that such
information is available, there should at least be a way to record it
as well.

The scenario I was thinking of was that you're given a data sheet with
a footprint drawing and then you recreate that footprint in your EDA

> Shell scripts :D I've done the whole Phoenix Combicon series with these.

Whee ! Shell math is for the very brave :) Bourne Shell or bash ?

>> - in some other EDA system, then convert to KiCad
> On the net you can find eagle libs converted.

Yes, there are plenty of converted libraries. What I don't know is if
people also use other EDA systems when they have to draw a new part
for use in KiCad.

> Not sure about this but have you looked into gencam?

No, but what I found looks interesting. Would you happen to have the
URL of the specification ?

> ALSO, a little aside, but just to demonstrate that at the end everyone
> just need to do his own patterns:

Yup, excellent point. A parametric design helps a lot with such cases.

- Werner

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