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Re: Re: Stroke font


On Fri, 18 Dec 2009, vladimir_uryvaev wrote:
--- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "Lorenzo" <lomarcan@...> wrote:
> Another idea was to rasterize a type 1 or truetype and plot it as a stack
of stripes (like other layout programs do). Look into the archive, there was
some thread a while ago about this, I also posted a proof of concept program
to rasterize bitmaps (useful for bitmaps on silk layers)

It would be great if KiCad have such possibility. But IMHO whis is not for
'everyday' use - type 1 fonts are too complex and require very high
resolution of silkscreen plotter. Especially in tendency for components to
be smaller so text is becoming smaller too.

Did you guys look at gEDA font system? At least their schematic editor has full international font support (with cairo/pango I think), but I have no idea about the layout side. Peter Clifton did some extensive tweaking of antialiasing hints etc. to make small fonts readable on low resolution displays. I havent used gEDA tools much, but I must say the schematic editor has very good graphics with proper line hinting and selective antialiasing. For quality vector fonts we would need the arc support every where and I think Jean-Pierre said something about it being on the todo list in the distant past (regarding Pcbnew).


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