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Re: We should decide a quoting convention...


--- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Manveru <manveru@...> wrote:
> > For example, sequence of "`" (grave) character followed by character with
> > code n, should be treated as character code (n^0x20). So symbols get these
> > escape codes: '\n' -> '`J', '"' -> '`b', '#' -> '`c', '`' -> '` ' etc.
> Is it reinventing the wheel? This is most common these days in open source
> projects having test formats to support UTF-8 with most classic C escape
> sequences with \x or \dddd (where x are letters and dddd are codes). Then
> string are enclosed in " (double-quotes) and multiline is divided by \↵
> (backslash+cr).

It is inventing better wheel, \x and \nnn codes are just a waste of space, as they require 2 times more memory. =) But I have nothing more against this. I've just shown principle. But, why should we use C-style? There are many fine escape coding standards, for example, URL encoding (%xx).

Also, do we really need multiline? Schematics/PCB format is not primarily human readable format. Multiline will only complicate parsers. If human needs to read schematic file, (s)he can turn on line wrapping in text editor.
I also think that quotes(") are redundant in file format. If spaces and linefeeds are escape coded (%20 and %0A), parser just can stop reading text string at space or linefeed.

Keep it simple!

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