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Re: We should decide a quoting convention...


--- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Alain Mouette <alainm@...> wrote:
> would become
> "He said:\n\"go away!\""

I specified "let's say in hex", it was a ready made example... of course you can go C quoting style, but hex is immediate to implement:P

> It would be nice to hace as few as possible escapes, as it helps 
> readability. I just think that some ideas here were too complex to read, 
> and to implement too.

Fully agree!

> Note that a rule for CR and LF inside quotes is needed too.

I'd go with LF only, please :D just say \n or \0A or whatever. I you REALLYwant to specify CR (but what's its semantic, them?) you always have \r or \0C

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