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Dick Hollenbeck a écrit :

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Just an observation, Windows is the only OS for which this is not working.

Somebody else will have to call Bill Gates.
Do you know he? Is he a skilled programmer ?

It compiles now on 2.9.

I found the problem: all widgets in the same line in the wxFlexGridSize have the same event id.

Thanks that was helpful.

I see that our wxBitmapButton looks significantly different on Windows. I think I have since addressed that by producing a smaller bitmap for the buttons, assuming that on the non-windows platforms there was some cropping taking place that we don't need.

I want to provide 4 mouse actions in this widget:

1) layer selection on left single click

2) layer color change on middle single click

3) layer visibility on left single click on checkbox

4) popup menu for enable all, clear all, and future actions. on right single click

*Does a MAC have a middle mouse button yet?*

I would be inclined to use middle mouse single click for color change if there are no objections.

I don't want to use double click since it seems you cannot get that event without first receiving a single click event. (This would mean you could not change a layer color without first selecting it, so I want to avoid that by using middle click.)

(BTW the popup menu is to minimize screen real estate, rather than putting up an always visible pair of buttons.)


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