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Re: Re: Library Repository


Vesa Solonen wrote:
On Mon, 22 Feb 2010, phinitnan_c wrote:

Dear Vesa,

As I'm new, I'll wait for your standard's definition. I'm also learning the IEC-617 & IEEE-315
standard which i think the new drawing should be used(What do you think?). Please make an annoucement
when you are done and I will start the work.

Mateusz and Tony,

it's great to see your enthusiasm regarding library update. The work is endless :) I think in the near future (this release), it's most productive to redraw schematic symbols to unified style (and size) and definitely according to above mentioned standards.

Footprint (physical PCB parts) and 3D is getting very good working elsewhere: http://www.uni-c.dtu.dk/~univind/kicad/

For Dick, do you agree on the naming conventions regarding symbol, component library and footprint? That's about the best I could imagine as a non native english speaker.

OK, Mr. Library Admin,

I have confidence in you with regard to the library management.

I will be asking help *from you* guys WRT the footprint retrieval API, in a few weeks. It will have some searching capability beyond file name, we talked about tags. I think this could encompass a fairly elaborate atttribute system consisting of name/value pairs. (But again, my concern is limited to footprints.) Perhaps if you want, you could be thinking of putting attribute name/value pairs into your files instead of putting all the information in the file names. But again, I really have no interest in directing anything WRT filenames or symbols. Others are more qualified than me in this regard.

I have great respect for the field of Chemical Engineering, and in your skills, if you can handle that. (Keep working on your English though. A second language is a project, this I understand, mine is German.)

Please shape your leadership activities in a way where you can harness the efforts of your volunteers before they lose their enthusiasm. This will allow you to multiply your efforts.

I would suggest that you setup the guidelines ASAP with discussion among your volunteers, (remember volunteer's opinions should weigh heavier than drive by postings), and then give them a way to perform the work.

I think it is probably best if you as Library Admin, setup a new project on Launchpad.net. If you set it up with the possibility of the source code joining you later (which may or may not happen), that would be appreciated. We can continue to deliberate about it, and it may never happen. But I can see that for this library re-work, that you will need:

A) a version control system,
B) the ability of your volunteers to work unimpeded from guidelines you establish
C) and for folks to mostly either help you or get out of your way.

Launchpad will let you merge the work of others to eventually create the new library tree that we need. Each guy can have a portion of the master tree, and you can examine, approve, and merge as you see fit.

There is never a problem to pull stuff back out and move it elsewhere, including back into the SVN tree at sourceforge.