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Re: Eeschema Default Library Field Names


Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
It is probably only a 1/2 day's work, and half that is figuring out how to tell CMake to build this tool natively, (even in a cross compiler environment) and to invoke the tool in the proper way AFTER IT IS BUILT, natively. CMake can do this, I know, but some reading is probably necessary.

It should be fun for somebody, and I have no doubt you'd do it exceptionally well Wayne.


As an alternative to C++, a reasonable choice would also be CMake itself. The "list" operations are probably powerful enough to get the job done.

My CMakeModules/Html2C.cmake could serve as an example.

I do not have a preference on C++ vs. Cmake script.

Each has its advantages here. C++ is a better foundation if we ever wanted to take it further, such as recursive code generation.

CMake is easier to make in view of cross compilation support.


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