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Re: layer setup


jean-pierre.charras@... wrote:

Dick Hollenbeck a écrit :

What happened to my nice green copper layers?

I am afraid I was the culprit, but here is the reason:
* the layer order for the inner layers (using the old pcbnew layer order) was the reverser order the new layer order used in the layer manager and the layer box.

Correct, but this was because we had agreed to swap the order as we moved to a DSN format, back in December or so was that discussion. So I did not want to swap the UI if the internal order was going to swap.

By your actions it looks like you have unilaterally decided not to swap the layer order moving forward ?

* So tho match the new layer order I reversed the inner layers order (easy...) Matching the layer manager order is important also to avoid mistakes when selecting layers types (this was mainly my motivation). * but after doing this, the active layers were located to the bottom of the window, and, for 2 or 4 layers board and not visible without scrolling. This minor problem also could create mistakes because when changing layers count from 2 to 4, nothing seems happen. * Easy workaround: hide not active layers (this is what I do), so only really active layers are shown, and no need to scrolling the layer list. Alas! calling wxPanel->Show(false) or wxPanel->Show(true) to hide/show items *crashes* pcbnew (I do not know why), at least under Windows, and I was unable to solve this problem. So I made an ugly change: remove the wxPanels having your nice green copper layers background. * Of course your original file is not removed: this is "dialog_layers_setup_base_previous_version.fbp.unused". And I hope to find something that keep the green background, but currently I do not have an easy way to do that.

We may have to revert to the old code if need be. I think it was clean and simple and it anticipated the reversing of the layer bitmaps like we had talked about.

I am flexible to good ideas and to improvements in my work. But we should at least have a discussion about it.