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Re: pcbnew and cvpcb 3D window crash with S/W GL renderer


viking632 kirjoitti:

> After upgrading (H/W and S/W) my home PC, I have a problem with the 3D
> windows in both pcbnew and cvpcb.
> The Xorg DRI/3Daccel stuff doesn't work (yet) on the new gfx board (ATI
> RV730XT chip), so GL is using the Software Renderer, which causes
> pcbnew/cvpcb to crash with an X11 BadMatch error when opening the 3D
> window - see gdb trace below.

> On my laptop (Intel gfx), which has received the same S/W upgrade
> (reinstall to newest Debian stable/testing), the 3D window only sort of
> works, even though the Xorg DRI driver works there.
> The 3D window has gray background (usually black), and the part doesn't
> get drawn.

> Any ideas ?
> Øyvind.

This is just very unfortunate, but kind of expected I must say. I don't
know how much you follow the driver development, but there is lots
happening. Last time I fixed the crash with just reordering some OpenGL
initialization commands, but that fix applied to r300 driver only. I
also happily lost the fix when migrating to Intel 965 graphics. My best
bet is to test with bleeding edge mesa/DDX/DRM and possibly also kernel.

Does vanilla Debian support the system like Ubuntu Xorg-edgers PPA?
Stable base system, but newest graphics drivers. I've been very much
pleased with the quality, and it's been "no crashes" all the time. I
think RV730 should also work fine with the newest stuff. My guess is
that the least resistance way is someting like live USB flash with
recent or beta Ubuntu with Xorg-edgers and KiCad PPAs enabled.