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Re: New file formats


Opendous Support wrote:

  That sounds really useful.  Thanks for the FAQ posting on footprints as well.

  Please consider some sort of "Get Started" or "KiCAD and LaunchPad
and YOU" tutorial which gives a quick overview of how the facilities
are intended to be used.  I am new to LaunchPad and it is a very
"busy" interface.  It seems you intend to have core and subsidiary
developers supported on the same platform but the platform seems
heavily skewed towards the core developers.  If it is too difficult
for small contributors to get their bearings you will keep getting
spammed with neophyte questions or they will give up and go away.

Opendous Inc. - Open and Stupendous Electronics

Hi Matt,

Nice to know you, from:


While we are offering ways to improve dealing with each other, might I suggest that you record your name somewhere in your launchpad identification.

Unless you are posting everyday, it will be difficult to remember your name unless you tell us your name in your id.


Regarding your suggestions, volunteers are welcome. Here is what I have time for now:

Folks can post patches to the mailing list as usual. Folks can create their own launchpad repos. Folks can go through the bzr tutorial I stated a couple of days ago.

Folks can establish confidence within the team and be admitted to kicad-testing-committers.

Enough? IMO, anymore would entail reading more here than must be read about bzr and launchpad to actually use it. Other volunteers may have a different opinion and are welcome to improve the overall experience anyway they can.



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