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A few cvpcb bugs and enhancements


I've noticed a couple of issues with cvpcb:

* The "available modules" list in the right side of the main cvpcb window
  cannot be resized (horizontally), and long part names gets truncated with
  '...'s (and the list even has a horizontal scrollbar attached ...).
  Very annoying, especially when combined with the next item,
  which could (sort of) reduce the impact of this problem:

* The 2D window AutoZoom function ignores the texts, which means, that these
  are usually outside the canvas (depends on the footprint aspect ratio).
  This is IMHO quite annoying, I would prefer
  to have the texts visible after AutoZoom.

* The bottom line of cvpcb displays the Cd (component description), Kw
  (what's the purpose of Kw ?) and the number of Footprints available.
  IMHO, the "# of Footprints" field is given way to much space,
  and the Cd attribute should have a whole line all to itself.
  The Cd text can become quite long if it's meant to give an
  accurate, unique and complete description of each footprint.

* The 2D window X and Y coords are in mils (well,
  inches), even when a metric (mm) grid is selected.
  This is not a big problem, but it's still a bit
  confusing, and inconsistent with pcbnew behaviour.
  Yes, I _have_ noticed, that the available metric grids in cvpcb
  aren't _really_ metric (just rounded-off imperial), but still ...

* The 3D window viewpoint distance seems to be chosen based on the
  horizontal size of the part only, but not the height (max Z-coord).
  This means, that tall components with a small footprint looks
  very weird, and _really_ small components can even have the
  top part cut off, because the viewpoint is _inside_ the part.
  The fix should be simple enough, just take the component
  height (max Z-coord) into account as well.

* When starting a recent SVN or BZR release of cvpcb
  without a .net file, the footprint list is empty,
  even though the .pro file lists several module libs.
  The footprint list can be populated by adding/removing
  libs from the Preferences->Configuration menu (it's OK to
  press Cancel on the subsequent Save Project File popup).
  Old releases of cvpcb doesn't have this behaviour.

PS: I haven't been able to find any way of
replying to a message from the archive ?

Simply sending a new E-mail (Thus without the necessary In-reply-to: header)
would of course break the thread hierarchy, and I haven't been able to find
any interface on launchpad that enables you to reply to an archived message.

Some way of retrieving a copy of an archived mail would
also work, as that would enable a thread-preserving
reply from your favourite mail program.

So, how to do - surely, there _must_ be a way, although I can't find it ?