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Re: Pads on Silkscreen?


Brian F. G. Bidulock a écrit :
Can anybody shed light on this 'Pads on Silkscreen' option?

When set, a outline of every pad is plotted on the silkscreen
layer.  However, it is plotted precisely at the outline of the
pad.  If this is done, half the ink will be off the pad on the
laminate between the pad and the primary mask (within the
primary mask clearance) and the other half will be on the pad.
With registration considerations, the complete line might be on
one side of the pad and the other off towards the primary mask.
This will do nothing but interfere with the application of
finish or the assembly process, or both.

What can be the practical use of this feature?

Useful to create a printed doc of footprints.
See for instance *.ps files in modules/footprints_doc
Only used to create these files, not intended to create gerber files.

Jean-Pierre Charras