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Re: BOM support


On Thu, 29 Jul 2010, Dick Hollenbeck wrote:

This is one thing that could be done to the BOM generator.  I don't like
the current dialog window there at all, and am not too exciting about
fixing something for which I have no enthusiasm for.  I am not sure it
is worth salvaging.  A few lines of python code will do a better job and
give the user the ability to easily refine the output him/her-self.

What do people think?

That most people on Windows (and some on Un*x too) don't have python
installed (I had to install it to use bzr). Other than that is a good

Maybe just keep in a 'simple' report for the non-scripting-abled people
(like the current 'sorted by reference, all fields') one)

And, since it's external anyway, just say 'an external postprocessor' (I
would do it in perl, for example :P). I think that the intermediate file
would be something like the 'module report' in pcbnew, it can be a sexp,
an xml file, yaml or even a csv file, I have no preference on this
(well, I actually loathe xml :D). Taking to the extreme a BOM reporter
could actually traverse without much problems the whole .sch hierarchy

OTOH the *current* bom lister is becoming... unwieldy; I'd like a trim
to it, too. With your proposal would be more or less a scan like that
done by the search function, just dumping away the object attribute.

I vote for it.

Lorenzo Marcantonio
Logos Srl

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