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A few extra component footprins


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I've been struck by Kicad's lack of all but the most basic footprints.
As such, I have started drawing some footprints, and would like to get
them into the official Kicad release ASAP.

Here's a short list of the footprints I'm currently working on

TDFN-EP 6, 8, 10, and 14 pin
This is a 3x3mm package, and I also have a basic 3D model for it
More info on this package at:

Sharp S202S02 - Solid-State relay
I have a beta 3D-model and footprint for this.
More at:

Molex Micro-fit connectors
Nothing yet here, but am plannig to get footprints and 3D models for the
entire line (SMD and throughhole; single-row and double-row).
(Luckily, Molex provides 3D models for these).

As you may tell by now, I am the definition of noob.
I draw the footprints with Inventor, export them as IGES, import the
IGES in FreeCAD, export it as .obj, and finally import that into Wings 3D.
I'm not very good with applying colors, so help from someone with more
experience is greatly appreciated.

I've been hearing some fuss about a scripted approach to generating
footprints. Does anyone have examples on that?

Then, how do I get the files to the right place? Can I just attach them
to the emails, or should I rather upload them to a public place and only
send the link?

There's also a question on 3D-modles for packages that don't have
protruding pins, such as TDFN. Should I draw the pins on the model, or
will a rectangular box do? This is more a matter of aestethics. I'm not
lazy, just trying to avoid extra work if it has no meaning.

I've been hearing discussions about a format change for library files. I
think that getting the footprints in properly with the current format,
and then converting them if/when that happens is the best choice. Having
to import several libraries in each project is time consuming, and it
would be nice to have them in the default install.

Alex G.
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