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Re: Compiling fails on XML class on Apple OS X with wxWidgets 2.9-svn


On 08/11/2010 04:30 PM, Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
>>     wxXmlProperty* GetAttributes() const
>>     {
>>         return GetProperties();
>>     }
> Simplest is to use GetProperties() in xnode.cpp
> I think that solves the problem.
> Dick

Well, maybe you can add what you need to support the older library to
class XNODE.
I don't use class wxXmlNode directly anymore, its use is hidden under XNODE.

I don't want to get too dependent on wxXmlNode, since it does an
inadequate job reading XML files.

The wxXml author basically screwed up, got scolded when he was told that
XML files don't have properties, but rather attributes, then went back
and added the attribute methods.

That sort of tells the story.  The Attribute() is the future and present
of the API.