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Re: Can't set CMAKE_CXX variables for CMakeCache.txt on OS X


On 08/29/2010 05:48 AM, Jerry Jacobs wrote:
> set(CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE "Debug")



Using set on any variable would normally fully sets its value, it is not
an incremental or additive change.  The CMake authors wanted to have
some platform specific control over this particular variable, this is
probably why this particular variable gets changed again out from
underneath any setting you make in the cmake script.

There is add_definitions() to incrementally add to the compiler flags
and you could wrap this in a test for mac.



this is just silly, and is not a variable that should ever be set within
a CMake script because it is there to control the build type.  It would
be like using epoxy to lock a light switch in the ON position.

And as Jean-Pierre said, the small portion of boost we are using comes
entirely from the included headers.  It does not need separate compilation.