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Stable version


Sorry for so many questions, but I am new to KiCAD....bear with me, please :-)

I think KiCAD is great and when showing it to my colleagues they asked me what is the version they should use.

I did not know how to answer that :-(

I think the process is like this:
Every once in a while Jean-Pierre Charras blesses a certain BZR revision as stable. Everyone continues sending patches/additions, etc. I did not find a "stable" branch, that only allows bug-fixes, not new features. Is this correct?

Even the blessed revision are merely known by their date and revision id, right? There is no Kicad 1.0, 1.1, etc. ???

To come back to my colleagues, they were surprised to see how complete Kicad is, without seeing a 1.0 release or something like that.

Also, the debian packages have version number 0.0.rev-id. I don't think a lot of people will regard this as usable software, when only looking at the numbering.

I am not trying to criticize the process, just trying to learn what the process is. I will try to add the answers as a FAQ question, so the next person does not ask the same.