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Re: Coding Guide


 Hi Wayne,
Your a little late to the party on this one.  The coding policy was agreed on a
well over a year ago (actually a lot further back if you look at the initial
ground work that Dick did).  It has just formally been released.  The only
polishing to it would be clarifications and formatting, spelling, and/or
grammatical errors.  That is why Dick released it as a PDF file.  It was not
intended to be edited by everyone with commit access.  You can search the
mailing list and find lots of discussion on this issue if you are interested in
how we got to this point.
I did not change the wording or examples of any of the guidelines,
all I did was transfer it to LATEX format.

By polishing it up I meant to fix any layout issues, make URLS click able where they are not And add the references. Also the LATEX generated version is one third the size of what OO generates.

Dont worry, I did read the archive and there have been additions to the guide this past month.

There might be new issues in the future or updates to the example which would require changes
so I'd see a text base file as a plus.

By using LATEX Listings package to color the source code its also easier to keep the RICHIO example current.
Its basically an include.

Since the list of people able to modify it in the repository I guess arrangements can be made to
have updates to the rules themselves only be done by you guys.

None of the examples above are excluded by the policy so there is no reason
that you could not do these things in your own code.  As for them being added
to the policy, I doubt that is likely to happen.
I did not plan to overthrow the guidelines but merely suggest to make them a little more strict. While not all of the guidelines are how I use to format my code I'd happily adapt to them when coding for kicad. I'm sorry to say that, but kicads source as it stands is a big mess. There is hardly any documentation
and formatting sometimes changes from line to line.

I'll be able to live with almost any coding guidelines as long as they help to make the source more precise. My wish is to have them worded more like commandments and and less like "if you feel like" because
the latter will mostly be ignore or selectively enforced.

just my 2 cents

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