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Re: Library structure recap.


Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
> Well it took a few postings to crystallize, but the term "parts list"
> was formally introduced in the posting below.   Parts list support does
> not currently exist as defined here:

Ah, I had missed that. Thanks ! So it's basically a user-visible cache.
That's good. The existing "automatic" cache can indeed be an
inconvenience in shared projects.

> Thanks to the links to your excellent work.  Please remind the list what
> the license is on the schematics and layouts.  I actually need a GSM
> interface for an my ARM board currently.

gta02-core is under GPLv2+, LGPL 2.1, and CC-BY-SA:

Xue is under GPLv3 and CC-BY-SA:

I should warn you that the gta02-core project has stalled and that the
circuit there thus hasn't been tested in real life. Much - but not the
GSM side - is based on the Openmoko GTA02 ("FreeRunner"), which was
produced and sold.

> The quick hack parsers are not so important since most languages have
> s-expression parsers, but I think the spacing will end up being
> consistent any way for things like sed or grep grabs of text fragments
> like you allude to.

Yup, that's exactly what I had in mind :-)

> I however think it is [ NOT ] necessary to make white space quantities
> part of
> the s-expression spec.

Sure. If people changing the placement of whitespace keep in mind that
they may break someone else's "quick hack" scripts, I think that's
sufficient. There's no guarantee for the quick hacks anyway, but it
can't hurt to make a reasonable effort to be nice to them.

- Werner