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Re: exploiting human readability


On Tue, 5 Oct 2010, Martijn Kuipers wrote:

On 5 October 2010 15:33, Dick Hollenbeck <dick@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

A library is not a library file:

The concept of a *library file* is gone.  There are none.  The concept
of a library can still exist but it is a RAM resident concept.  Each
component that we traditionally think of residing in a *library file* is
actually in its own file on disk in a directory (or repo or schematic).
A library is only built in RAM during the loading of a collection of

I think this would be great. Does this mean we get 3 sorts of files?
symbol, footprint and part-files?
(symbol, e.g., a resistor,
component, e.g., a 10k 5% resister of .25W with footprint R025W

Three file system was discussed quite extensively in the past. If you search (my name) in last two years of archives you'll find plenty of talk. It's mostly implementation part that is hard. Anyway three file system would be analoguous to C++ header, source and makefiles. Schematic describes the logic and interfaces, part-file describes the implementation, and footprint/pcb defines the linking of the executable...

Pure separation works if the schematic consists just generic components, but as son as there is one special IC it does not work anymore on that part. All the passives and discretes should be defined just like you described as it would allow very flexible changes to the implementation without touching the logic.