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kidcad.info Domain


 Hi everyone,

in a private email to Jean-Pierre Charras, Wayne Stambaugh and Dick Hollenbeck I suggested to register the domain kicad.info.

Even before one of them replied I noticed the domain has been registered only around 20 hours after my email
on the same day I sent the email.
Since all three of them assert that they have not registered the Domain and there is no reason to not trust that statements we can be pretty sure someone acted in bad faith on insider information.

Each of those two reasons alone make a good court case, but both together is a pretty sure case that
will be won.

To make sure there wont be any future harm to kicad from that person or group I suggest we start legal
The domain has been registered via a Privacy service, as was suggested by me in the initial email thus the straight forward way to find out who registered the domain is via legal actions.

Since access to that information means access to email traffic of at least one of us fours mailbox that also means most likely (hidden?) write access to the source code repository and who knows what else. This has high potential of malignancy, and because of that I am willing to put forward a thousand (1000) EUR for legal costs if a group or person comes forward and is willing to pay another 1000 EUR.

2000 Eur should get us through the case easily, making sure we get the initial registrant and the trail of sale of there has been any. AFAIK the costs will have to be taken over by whoever registered the

Of course, to stay neutral this should be headed by some 3rd party and not by neither me, nor one of the 3 initial
receivers of the email.


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