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Re: exploiting human readability


On 10/06/2010 04:07 PM, Karl Schmidt wrote:
>  I'm thinking of 
> the ability to open a file and do search and replace to update a manufacture's number that has 
> changed it's part numbering system?

Are you wanting to do this with a text editor, or what?  Currently you'd
have to do this with a text editor right?  In the future if we have a
parts list within the schematic, then we talked about the spread sheet
interface to the parts list.

The underlying model within the schematic could look something like this:

  (columns   # which could be superimposed onto all components contained
    (column NAME1)
    (column NAME2)

The columns might be added as to the components during loading, or could
not be added to the components but rather to a PARTS_LIST C++
container.  There are two paths to explore there.

Both could lead to a PARTS_LIST class in C++ which you look at via a
spreadsheet interface.
The count of rows is is given by the number of components.  I am not
showing the row values for all the columns in the sexpression text. That
is still a hole (unsolved problem).

But this is just a wild idea that is just as likely to be bad as good. Again, offer
something alternative.

The important points are A) spreadsheet interface, and B) can act as a
LIBRARY_SOURCE for other schematics.

> Another concern would be if this week-long project stretched out to the point that there is a loss 
> of priorities. 

Exactly, like me doing my real job.  :)