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Re: [PATCH] Cmake improvements for windows mainly


On 8 October 2010 21:05, Brian Sidebotham <brian.sidebotham@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> Just a small patch to improve wxWidgets detection on windows. When
> wx-config isn't available, cmake can only detect the monolithic and gl
> components. wx-config isn't available when wxWidgets is built without
> using msys and is instead built using mingw32-make.

The paragraph above isn't actually true. Moreover cmake can *only*
detect the presence of the monolithic library if wxWidgets is built as
a monolithic library and cannot detect what optional components are
available in the library. It is therefore possible to solve this issue
by simply not using a monolithic build when compiling wxWidgets with
mingw32-make outside of msys.

Thus this part of the patch is probably not worth adding in. Apologies
for the noise.

> The reason for that is then cmake can be used to create a codeblocks
> project file. Cmake cannot do this from msys because sh must *not* be
> in the bin path when generating a codeblocks project file!!
> As I use codeblocks for everything else on linux + windows, it'd be
> nice to use it for KiCad. It will help me develop much quicker as the
> code completion features in codeblocks are very good, and I just don't
> get on with vi or emacs.
> wxWidgets libraries are under the lib/gcc_lib directory using
> mingw32-make too instead of lib/gcc_dll so I added this as a search
> path for the zlib library search which is hard-coded.

This part of the patch is still needed as a static build is used and
gcc_lib must therefore be in the search path.

Best Regards,


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