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Re: [PATCH] wxLOCALE_CONV_ENCODING null-pointer exception with debug enabled


Le 14/10/2010 13:10, Martijn Kuipers a écrit :
Dear Devs,

In order to debug Kicad I have enabled DEBUG for both wxWidgets and Kicad. Both compile fine, but when any component from Kicad is
executed a warning about wxLOCALE_CONV_ENCODING pops up. You can safely "cancel" this, but then it segfaults on a debug message
and only if the default locale cannot be found. As you guessed it, this is the case on my system.

Simply changing the messages makes the segfault go away. This patch makes 2 small changes:
1. It uses wxLOCALE_LOAD_DEFAULT instead of wxLOCALE_CONV_ENCODING, which is being deprecated (see
2. Change the wxLogDebug message to not include the member 'm_LanguageId' as it can be NULL.

Only the first change can have an effect for release-builds, but since it is being deprecated we might as well solve it now.


Patch committed with a small change.

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS