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Re: [PATCH] expat dependency for cmake


On Oct 15, 2010, at 15:04 PM, Dick Hollenbeck wrote:

> FYI,
> Kicad does not use expat directly.  wxWidgets does.  wxWidgets includes
> expat in its source tree.
Well wxWidgets includes wxexpat in its source tree, not exactly expat per se.

> So one can argue that this is a discussion for the wxWidgets build
> environment, and if it is built properly, then Kicad can simply use
> wxWidgets, which should be responsible for the libraries that it needs.

I wondered about that too. In order to compile wx I use the --enable-monolithic option, but then it does not make builtin support for zlib, expat and perhaps some others (at least on OSX). Do you consider this a wxWidgets error?

Another option is to make a multi-lib build and make kicad responsible for taking in all libs, but that requires more cmake surgery.

> Maybe an equally valid solution is to submit a patch to the wxWidgets
> team, or to your distro team, or whatever.
I just wanted Kicad to tell me beforehand (before building) that my dependencies are not in order. I don't think Kicad should tell me whom I should blaim for this.

> It may not be the best solution, but before I identify the best
> solution, I usually try and find more than one.

I weighted the odds and thought that adding the expat one is reasonable, but if you prefer a multilib build then I will prepare the OR and begin the surgary. 

P.S. Would it be possible with launchpad to make the mailing-list the reply-to address?

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