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Re: Improving module editor: Simplify complex package drawing


On Tue, 26 Oct 2010, Michael Heidinger wrote:

My concret wish: A option "poligonal pads" for the module editor, where I can draw this pads by hand. With this tool complex drawings, like WDFN-8 cases can be possible. Can you please implement such a feature in the module editor?

I agree, that would be very useful indeed. Just yesterday I drawn the
PG-TDSON from infineon that with its castellated drain is a PITA to draw

The problem is plotting: Gerber AM only supports *regular* polygons or
just *outlines*; in fact the 'trapezoidal' pad is *not* plotted, as of
today... it's simply not supported by gerber :(

For the final result they could be represented as polygon fills instead
of flashes but this would break all the gerber processor looking for
flashes... my suggestion would be to flash a small round pad *and* draw
the required surface as filled polygons (I don't think there are still
plotter out there without poly fills...)

Anyway that would be a *big* thing in the pad machinery, I'd put this in
the wishlist...

*Also* I'd add a way to manage the overlapped pads (look at the stencil
mask for modern ground pads, it's broken up all over...)

Lorenzo Marcantonio
Logos Srl

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