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Re: [PATCH] Draw items in block move in pcbnew



On Mon, 01 Nov 2010, Marco Mattila wrote:

> All right. Based on your and Jean-Pierre's comments it seems that the
> sole use of and idea behind the block operations is to move (or copy
> or flip or whatever) the entire board and nothing else. I'm mostly
> using it to move smaller groups of footprints/tracks/... around, and
> very often it would be nice to see where the items are going. Maybe
> show items/rectangle only could be an option (in the block item dialog
> or somewhere else). Anyways, if it takes several minutes to redraw
> your board, how do you cope with zooming or anything else that
> refreshes the the whole screen?

When zooming, refreshing the screen is not do while the mouse is
moving: whenever it moves a pixel.

I think Alex's idea of only drawing the contents of the block
when the number of items is beneath some compiled-in threshold,
20, 100, 1000?, is a great idea.


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