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Silk screen line width behavior.


I just got DFM failure from my PCB manufacture for silk screen width of 0.001"
for all the silk screen drawings on a board I just laid out.  I checked all of
the module silk screen widths and everything is 0.005" or larger.  A quick
check of the silk screen layer gerber file revealed the aperture being used was
indeed 0.001".  After some digging around, I found that changing the "Default
pen size" in the plot dialog changed the silk screen line width.  Is this the
appropriate behavior?  Setting the default line width to 0 did not fall back to
the line width defined in the module.  I would expect my silk screen line
widths to be what I defined them in my module not the default pen size setting.
 At one time, I thought this was the default behavior.  Before I file a bug
report, I wanted to make sure I'm not missing something.  Anyone else have any
thoughts on this?


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