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Re: [PATCH] wxWidgets 2.8 under Graphics Abstraction Layer Lib (GAL)


On Tue, 14 Dec 2010, jean-pierre charras wrote:

I used a 10 layers very large board (9500 pads/vias, 27000 track segments, a lot of copper areas) on my computer (a very common and low cost PC with a basic graphic card)with a single 1200x1000 pixels monitor.

Blitting is very fast on systems with shared graphics memory, but anything more demanding is less than very fast. Systems like Intel 965 are very good up to a certain point and that is the point when they choke on the count of Gl primitives. "lspci | grep VGA" and "glxinfo -l" will bring much insight to the problem when hitting a hardware limit. Nvidia blob has some interesting feature that is very good performance in immediate mode OpenGl. Maybe they do some command queueing and on the fly restructuring to get there, but that makes even crappy programs perform well. Nvidia 2D performance seems to be nothing to brag about though. All my hw is few years old dual cores with q965 chipsets that didn't live up to their promises with Vista and one r300 discrete graphics machine is ocassionally tested too.