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BZR2668 RC2 Feedback


Hi Guys,

I have some feedback for the current release candidate as I thought
I'd give it a bash whilst making a new board.

(1) In modedit, the Value field is disabled (at least Field Value is)
for editing in the field properties dialog. However, I can right click
the field and change the Field Value with the Field Edit context menu
option in modedit. I create almost all of my new schematic symbols
like by starting with an old symbol and renaming it via the Value
field, so I'm hoping the field properties dialog will be re-enabled,
but either way something looks broke in the RC.

(2) Selecting a component to place by using "Place a component ->
Select by browser" doesn't work for me, selecting a component and then
closing the Library Browser dialog results in no component selected, I
need to use the "Place a component -> List All" option instead which
appears to work fine.

Apart from that, my schematic is coming along nicely! :-D

Sorry I can't offer any patches to fix at the moment, my dev machine
was dismantled months ago and the replacement still isn't built.

Best Regards,


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