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Re: [PATCH] wxWidgets 2.8 under Graphics Abstraction Layer Lib (GAL)


On 12/14/2010 07:19 AM, "Torsten Hüter" wrote:
> Hi Dick,
> thanks, I'll add this patch. 
> I'm doing a lot of restructuring at the moment and write a small demo to test the functions for rubberbanding - have not yet commited. I think I should be ready this or next weekend with the rubberbanding test and then I'll commit and open the repository for write access.
> Bye ..
> Torsten


Is this still on your to do list?

Some minor suggestions for improvements:


Also, std::list should be changed to std::deque wherever it is being used. 
std::list is too slow for several reasons:
a separate heap allocation must happen just to store the separate linked
list backbone noes, per content node.
That linkedlist node must store a pointer to real content node, slowing down
again the traversal, due to the dereferencing of the linked-list node pointer.
Heap allocation is by far the slowest issue.  You have twice as many in a
std::list,  I will use std::deque.  Its ten minutes to change it.


I am not a fan of BOOST_FOREACH.  Some in this team are, I am not. It does
not provide enough value for the costs:

1) obscurity about what code it is actually generating.

2) longer compile times.

Suggest simply writing the 3 statements that the macro is replacing, so we
see what the compiler sees.

Again, I will need write access to this repo, if I am going to use it.  I
was thinking of using it for a simple Sweet viewer.  Of course I can always
make my own copy of the repo and make it public, thanks to your generosity
of contributing this code under the GPL.  If you are too busy, let me know
and I will do these items myself.