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Observation of Exceptional Performance


I would like to take this time to publicly thank Wayne Stambaugh for his
tremendous accomplishments in Kicad in recent months.  The search
functionality in EESCHEMA is beautiful, the source code improvements in
terms of readability, structure and logic are wonderful.  Hit testing in
EESCHEMA is better.

One of the reasons that Kicad is getting more interest is that when folks
take a look at the source code, they can now see some reason and
understanding in it.  Before, I think they were running away scared.  That
understanding instills confidence.  They can now read English comments,
again Wayne. 

It was his initiative that got a coding standards document out the door.

Saying hats off to Waynes efforts or thanks for his efforts, would not be
enough.  I say thank you to Wayne for both his efforts and his

Thanks Wayne!


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